Revolutionizing finance by bringing a neglected market back to life.

It has been 50 years since credit analysis was crowded out by option trading evangelism. Its sterile efficient market formalisms seeded three Crises (1987, 1997 and 2007) that traumatized markets and economies. The world has been in search for a sustainable replacement risk architecture. 

This is it: credit ratings that pair with big data and global connectivity.
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Clean Fintech maximizes capital by recognizing its various forms, from potential (social, environmental, informational) to actual (monetary, material).



Clean Fintech parses optical and material risks, shedding light on both through superior functional form modeling and continuous measurement.



Revealing Value refers to stranded capital inside securities, loans and receivables that exist but are not part of the public disclosure framework.

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Unlocking Potential & Minimizing Risk

Join Clean Fintech in revolutionizing the financial landscape. Tap into hidden capital, manage risk, and unveil your true value. Embrace transparency, responsibility, and governance.

Clean Fintech: Revolutionizing finance. Reducing risk. Revealing value. Driving transparency, responsibility, and governance.

“Let Clean Fintech help you as we reshape the financial landscape. We’re unveiling hidden potential, mitigating risk, and discovering true value created by steadfast champions of transparency, responsibility, and governance. Begin your journey with us, today.”

Ann Rutledge

Founding Principal & CEO, CleanFintech SL.

We are grateful to our forward-thinking clients

Empowering Sustainability, Innovation and Integrity with Data.

Clean Fintech is bringing a neglected market back to life and modernizing it with global standards. 

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