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Understand Our Rating Steps.

Step 1: Inquiry

This is the first point of contact between the prospective client and CleanFintech. The client expresses their need for rating services and CleanFintech provides them with necessary information about their offerings. The client can download a product description in PDF format for a more complete understanding of the services.

Step 2: Registration and Roadmap

After the client decides to proceed with CleanFintech, their transaction is registered in the company's database. The Rating Provider (RP), a representative from CleanFintech, creates a detailed roadmap to guide the client through the rating process. The client receives preliminary rating results, a draft press release, and a draft rating report. The client is expected to verify the facts in these documents for accuracy.

Step 3: Post-Review and Communication

Once the client has reviewed and confirmed the accuracy of the information, the final press release and rating report are prepared. These documents are sent to the client's designated point person and also posted on the CleanFintech website for public access. CleanFintech then continues to monitor the client's transaction for any changes in outlook or rating performance. If any changes occur, the RP will inform the client in advance, and the changes will be updated on the website.


After the transaction has matured, all transaction history is kept in the CleanFintech database for seven years. This historical data is important as it helps CleanFintech assess future deals with the client and also aids regulators in evaluating CleanFintech's performance.

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