A promise made is a promise kept.

What is your promise

Clean Fintech says: "A promise is a promise. Our ratings ensure you keep yours.
When you do, the market rewards you."

It's simple: 1. You promise, 2. We hold you to it, 3. The market rewards you for it.

Sustainability Promise

The most basic promise. Be scrupulous and accountable to the use of proceeds. Your lender is watching.


We promise to use earmarked funds from investors to realize our mutually-agreed milestones.


We promise to fund our sustainability goals through carefully crafted, continuously monitored, mutually-agreed financial arrangements.

Cash-Cycle Promise

The promise that rewards you for investing in your firm’s market relevance, growth potential and risk controls, including money discipline.


We promise to sell our future business receivables at fair value and forward the collections to the bondholders by the rules. Our cost of funds reflects the efficiency of our working capital.


We expect timely repayment, on time and in full, as the rating indicates.

Balance Sheet Promise

The promise for repayment on time and in full.


We promise to use funds borrowed against our assets and operations quantifiably for the future health of the enterprise and its stakeholders. At this lifecycle stage, it’s easy to coast, but—no guts, no glory!


We expect timely repayment, on time and in full, as the rating indicates.

Clean Fintech’s PROMISE to you, the Market:  
  1. Apply our significant know-how to raise credit rating reliability in the world, and go on raising standards.
  2. Promote ratings that recognize and reward promise-keeping and go on expanding user access.
  3. Take aim at the archaic systems used by the dominant players and offer modern, efficient, transparent replacement system.
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"What kind of credit rating agency, I cannot say.
But I know what they're not."

Not One-Dimensional

We do not infer financial resilience only from static historical data. Our holistic, continuous approach also looks at whether the value proposition extracts or wastes intangible capital–and how fast the value proposition is changing. 

Not Opaque or Secretive

We accept our role as an information fiduciary. As transparency and integrity are important to market health, we make our rating methodologies clear and accessible to clients, regulators and stakeholders. 

Rigorous,  but Not Rigid

Our methodologies are more than a collection of special cases. With mass customization methods, we treat credits with the same formal risk properties the same way across industries and sectors. Our approach is rigorous and probing, but also powerful and insightful. 

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